Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knife Holder

How quirky is this little red voodoo knife block? I got a copy one (the original is way too expensive for me!) but I still love the little voodoo man! My kitchen has never looked quite so attractive.

All I need now is the rest of the gadget stuff to go with it! Maybe a few fancy tea cups like these

These would go completely with those flower sniffers that I talked about last time! And don't you think that they make a great juxtapose with the Voodoo Knife Block? That is the design key - mix'n'match clash and go!!!

Teacup posh, posh posh here how relaxing would all of that be???

Monday, October 24, 2011


Life always somehow comes up smelling of roses - never has a truer truth ever been said.

When I feel a bit low then I just need to place my head into a bunch of flowers and inhale deeply - that's all that is needed to get me to perk up a bit  - maybe this is too simple but it works for me!!!